Welcome to the world of sanskrit - an exquisite, ancient and classical language! "Sanskrit" means "well-done" or "refined". The alphabet is well-categorized and the grammar is very structured built on rigid fundamentals. In many ways, it resembles the structured rules of modern day Computer Science. In fact, Sanskrit is the only language known to be computer-friendly.
Sanskrit Academy is proud to promote the study of Sanskrit language and culture.Via this website, we have tried to present a variety of beautiful Sanskrit pearls in the form of proverbs, verses, stories and articles. We hope you enjoy it.

भाषासु मुख्या मधुरा दिव्या गीर्वाणभारती

bhāṣāsu mukyā madhurā divyā gīrvāṇabhāratī

Among the languages, sanskrit is the foremost, sweetest and divine language.



Goddess Sarasvati

सूक्ति- sūkti -

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